The FHWA Division Office conducted focused inspections for “Temporary Barrier Walls/Crash Cushions” in PY 2018. The attached report summarizes the findings of their inspections.

The Division selected projects in each district for conducting these inspections based on applicability to this focus inspection. Consequently, a total of 25 projects were inspected for “Temporary Barrier Walls/Crash Cushions”.

While these findings were discussed with the project staff for immediate correction, they appear to represent widespread quality control/quality assurance issues on the product installation and acceptance methods. Therefore, the FHWA requests that the Florida Department of Transportation take necessary measures to mitigate these concerns on federal aid construction projects.

These temporary barrier walls and crash cushion issues have been addressed by FDOT in DCE Memo 16-18.

You can find the individual focus checklists from each district here.